Crisis communications


PROGRESS is the first Russian anti-crisis communications agency.

  • The main expertise of the agency:
  • Judicial PR (litigation PR);
  • Public role adjustment, reputation restoration;
  • Digital reputation management, search & news release control;
  • Neutralization of the negative publicity in media and social networks, protection from information attacks;
  • Communication counteraction to raider seizures and illegal bankruptcies;
  • Programs of direct interaction with crisis audiences;


PROGRESS has a long history, which began in 1996 with an advertising syndicate HIDALGO – a large Russian advertising holding company that has implemented more than 1.5 thousand advertising campaigns. PROGRESS has successfully implemented several dozens of PR campaigns for Russian government departments, as well as international and Russian companies: the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Bank Yugra, VTB, Lukoil, IKEA, Pfizer, Capital Group, Cherkizovo Group, AVILON Group, SberBank Venture Capital, FrutoNyanya, Russian Railways, Otkritie Bank, RosNano and others.


Agency founder is the famous Russian media manager Dmitry Solopov, creator of the radio stations Kommersant FM and Business FM.

The company’s annual turnover is 370 million rubles.

The agency employs 35 professionals.


Since 2017, PROGRESS has been conducting an anti-crisis communications workshop at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University.

Since 2019 - Member of the Russian Communications Consultancies Association (ACOS).



PROGRESS is a full cycle communication agency

Protection from information attacks

Public role adjustment
Reputation restoration

Communication counteraction to raider seizures, illegal bankruptcies

Programs for direct interaction with crisis audiences

Neutralization of negative publicity in media and
social networks

Strategies for communication crisis prevention and control


Public case studies

  • 80% of PROGRESS projects, due to their crisis managment specificity, are protected by confidentiality agreements and cannot be publicly presented.
  • Upon request we can present cases anonymously to explain campaigns mechanics personaly.


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